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Africa & Global Business Nigeria Devaluation Opposed by Incoming Central Bank Chief

Africa, Africa & Global Business Africa: Funding Shortfalls Hurt Aid Efforts in Sudans

[VOA]United Nations -The United Nations is facing massive funding shortfalls as it tries to feed millions of people in need in Sudan and South Sudan. Without urgently needed funds, people may die.

Africa, Africa & Global Business Africa: Five Death Penalty Myths Debunked

[AI London]MYTH

Africa, Africa & Global Business Africa: Africa Must Work Together to Combat TB

[]Johannesburg -Africa urgently needs to develop and implement region-wide strategies to combat Tuberculosis, given the sobering fact that it is the only continent unlikely to achieve the MDG target of halving TB related deaths by the end of 2015.

Africa, Africa & Global Business Africa: Poor Countries Denied Chance to Succeed?

[VOA]A Harvard professor said developing countries were forced down an economic path in the 20th Century that lacked innovation, entrepreneurship and technology. As a result, he said, they had stunted development, while many other nations prospered.