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Africa As Emergency Rule Ends: Nyako Accuses FG Of Sponsoring Viole

Africa, Africa & Global Business Africa: 'Super Tax' On Remittances Hurts Development - Think

[AlertNet]Africans face the highest remittance fees globally, regularly paying a "super tax" to send money home at a cost that hurts families and holds back development in the world's poorest continent, a leading thinktank said on Wednesday.

Africa, Africa & Global Business Africa: U.S. Private, Public Sectors Step Up to Power Challe

[allAfrica]My grandmother spent her whole life in southern Ethiopia and passed away a few years ago without ever having switched on a light. I also spent much of my early life in Africa, where I saw at first hand the obstacles faced by a society without ready access to electricity.

Africa, Africa & Global Business Africa: Can the World Really End Poverty By 2030?

[IRIN]The slogan "make poverty history" has been used by development pundits and pop star philanthropists for years. Now, in a bid to turn words into deeds, it is being discussed as a universal global target to be met within a generation.

Africa, Africa & Global Business Africa: Colonial-Era Defamation Laws Persist in Africa

[IPI]Cape Town -A South African legal expert is urging journalists to get more involved in abolishing criminal defamation laws, saying she is “horrified” how little awareness there is about colonial-era regulations that affect reporters and editors.