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Africa, Africa & Global Business Africa: Kenya Allegedly Compromised By NSA Spyware

[CIO]Kenya has been named as one of several countries which the United States National Security Agency (NSA) has compromised by installing spyware in devices bought by them.

Africa, Africa & Global Business Africa: Will South Africa Speak Truth to Rising Powers Also?

[allAfrica]When South Africa transformed from an apartheid pariah state to a constitutional democracy in 1994, this "negotiated revolution" created a compelling narrative that resonated throughout the world.

Africa, Africa & Global Business Africa: Sexist Laws Still Thrive Worldwide

[IPS]United Nations -A rash of sex discriminatory laws - including the legalisation of polygamy, marital rape, abduction and the justification of violence against women - remains in statute books around the world.

Africa, Africa & Global Business Africa: Is Good Governance Essential to Economic Growth?

[AfricaPlus]In 1993, IMF Director Michel Camdessus called sub-Saharan Africa "a sinking continent." Just three years later, however, he said that the signs of an economic recovery were evident. (1) In his state visit to Ghana in July 2009, President Barack Obama saluted the striking turnaround in the political economies of Africa. He memorably gave the main reason for this historic advance "Develo...

Africa, Africa & Global Business Africa: Global Investments - Is South Africa Still On the Ag

[Daily Maverick]Just the other day, J. BROOKS SPECTOR quietly obtained a transcript of the discussion in a committee of the board of directors of a major multinational high-tech manufacturing company. This committee is the one that prepares final recommendations for the topmost layer of management in that firm for its future investment decisions abroad and at home. In the interest of South African...

Africa, Africa & Global Business Africa: UN Official Says Recent Terror Attacks Represent 'Ex

[UN News]The High Representative for the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, Nassir Al-Nasser, said today that the "vicious forces" of extremism, violence and terrorism should not hamper international efforts to prevent and combat such forces.

Africa, Africa & Global Business Africa: European Commission's Announcement On Migration - Ri

[AI London]Today's announcement by the European Commission on managing the migration crisis in the Mediterranean contains the right analysis of the overall situation, but offers no concrete solutions to protecting and saving lives, said Amnesty International.

Africa, Africa & Global Business Africa: In Washington, Ban to Address US-Hosted Summit On Co

[UN News]United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is in Washington, D.C., today to address a summit hosted by the United States on international efforts to counter violent extremism.

Africa, Africa & Global Business Africa: World Bank Helps Senegal Strengthen Social Safety Ne

[World Bank]Dakar -The Government of Senegal launched today a 40.5 million dollar International Development Association (IDA) credit to help Senegal establish the building blocks for a national social safety net system and provide targeted cash transfers to poor and vulnerable households. The project was approved in May 2014 by the World Bank Executive Board of Directors.

Africa, Africa & Global Business Africa: Harvesting Nutrition Awards Highlight Three Winning

[World Bank]Projects show ways to link agriculture, nutrition and food security in single program

Africa, Africa & Global Business Africa: Rise in Heatwaves Puts Pressure On City Planning

[SciDev.Net]Cities around the world are likely to suffer more heatwaves in the future, a study has found, leading to greater need for planning regulation and urban cooling.

Africa, Africa & Global Business Africa: Somalia Moving Forward - an Alternative Path for Vis

[African Arguments]Looking Back

Africa, Africa & Global Business Africa: New Software May Allow Better Protection of Endanger

[UN News]The United Nations agricultural agency has today announced the launch of new technology that will allow quick identification of species of the fish while better helping to protect endangered shark species and to combat illegal trade in shark fins.

Africa, Africa & Global Business Africa: The Little Bookshop That's Trying to Reignite a Love

[The Daily Vox]A bookshop devoted to African literature hopes to foster a love of literature in Vanderbijlpark, an industrial town in the Vaal. PONTSHO PILANE reports.

Africa, Africa & Global Business Africa: Everything You Wanted to Know About Climate Change

[IPS]New Delhi -So much information about climate change now abounds that it is hard to differentiate fact from fiction. Scientific reports appear alongside conspiracy theories, data is interspersed with drastic predictions about the future, and everywhere one turns, the bad news just seems to be getting worse.

Africa, Africa & Global Business West Africa: Preventing Future Ebola Outbreaks in West Afric

[UNDP]Banjul, the Gambia -The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has provided over 105,000 US Dollars to support the Gambia's efforts to build a strong and robust surveillance system to detect cross-border infections and to help people, communities and the state swiftly stamp out outbreaks.

Africa, Africa & Global Business Africa: Spectacular Wave of Censorship in Khartoum

[RSF]Sudan is undergoing a disturbing wave of censorship, with the confiscation of a total of 19 newspaper issues in the past three days. The seizures not only constitute a grave violation of media pluralism but also inflict major financial losses on publications that are already fighting for economic survival.

Africa, Africa & Global Business Africa: Diseases Affecting the Poorest Can Be Eliminated, Sc

[Thomson Reuters Foundation]London -It is a little known disease but it could make medical history if scientists' predictions are correct: yaws could completely disappear by 2020, given the right resources.

Africa, Africa & Global Business Africa: FAJ Condemns the Clampdown On 14 Newspapers in Sudan

[IFJ]The Federation of African Journalists (FAJ) the Regional Group of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has condemned today the clampdown on 14 newspapers in Sudan.

Africa, Africa & Global Business Africa: 'Deterring' Migrant Boats Is Failing - UN

[IRIN]London -Late last year the Italian government scrapped its Mediterranean search and rescue operation the Mare Nostrum after funding shortages. The project was partially replaced by Operation Triton - but the service is far more restricted than its predecessor, both in geography (the patrols only go up to 30 miles off the Italian coast) and budget (roughly a third of Mare Nostrum). Critics ha...